Testimonials – Miracle Mission (MM) Hope House


What Our Community Say About Us

Without their selfless support, we would not be who we are today.


Cordero Reid, McDonough, GA

"My name is Cordero Reid and I am a 29 year old single father of three who has been struggling to make ends meet. I work but between paying bills and paying towards keeping a roof over our heads money has come up a bit short for food and personal items needed to live a functional life. But God sent an angel by the name of the great Mrs. Marlene Lemons from the organization Miracle Mission Hope House Inc. Mrs. Lemons took time to listen to what me and my kids have been through and she jumped right up and came to the rescue with food and some personal items that my kids and I needed without blinking an eye. She made me feel like we were humans. She didn't look down on me, lifted my spirits up and made us feel like everything is going to be alright; and it will be because she took time to care. I love her and I thank her and her organization."


Sonya C. Reid, McDonough, GA

"I would like to thank Mrs. Marlene Lemons with Miracle Mission Hope House for all of her help during a critical time in  my family's life. When we had nearly no food at all, Mrs. Lemons offered me help right away. She made sure that I have enough food for my whole family and I am more than grateful to her because there has been many times me as a mother has gone without eating so there would be enough for my kids. She also gave other items that I needed. Mrs. Lemons even went in her pocket and went to the store to make sure we have what we needed. So I thank you Mrs. Marlene Lemons and Miracle Mission Hope House. My family and I are forever grateful."

Michael, Monroe, GA

"Miracle Mission is a place that provides an environment that fosters love, compassion, and integrity.  I heard about the work they were doing and I wanted to be a part of it.  I committed myself to assisting with their projects, renovation of their building, assisting customers, serving food, and anything I can do to help them make a difference.  I fell in love with Miracle Mission and the services they provide.  It made me feel good about myself that I was giving something back to society."

Tina, Henry County, GA

"Miracle Mission Hope House gave me a sense of family.  They encouraged me to get my GED certificate and learn about the resources available to advance my life for me and my family.  I have six children, and live on welfare and food stamps.  MMHH changed my perspective and gave me the incentive I needed to build a better life for myself and my kids.  I have just finished school for cosmetology, fixing hair.  I expect to be working in a salon real soon."

Patricia, McDonough, GA

"I am a single mother with three children and do not work.  My kids and I were at home one day with nothing to eat.  I contacted United Way 211 and they gave me the number to Miracle Mission.  I called and they set an appointment for me to come to their office.  They helped me and my family when I felt like all hope was gone.  I felt exhausted and overwhelmed from the pressure of feeling alone.  I had cried most of the day in between calling around looking for help.  MMHH not only gave me enough food to last for one month but they took the time to talk to me and give me resources that helped me to advance my life.  They were so nice and loving that I felt like I had gained a new family.  I sometimes stop by and see them occasionally."

Jack, Hampton, GA

"I am a 61 year old black male, homeless and living on the street.  I was walking by MMHH one day and saw a sign on their building that stated they give away food.  I stopped by and told them my situation.  They were so nice and friendly.  They invited me into their facility, fixed me a snack and gave me some toiletries to shave and clean myself up.  They invited me to the office, we sat down and they talked to me and gave me some resources to contact for assistance.  They treated me like I mattered.  It made me want to do better for myself."


Renee, Decatur, GA

"I am a single mother with seven children. I had been stressing and crying for a couple of days over how and where I was going to get my children clothes to go back to school. I have no money. I spoke to a friend and she referred me to MM Hope House. I never imagined that I would be able to get all of my children some clothes and it not cost me anything. I left MM Hope House with a sense of hope and excitement. I had totally lost hope. I was overwhelmed with tears. You all blessed me and my family and restored my hope. Keep up the good work!"


LaTanya McClurkin, Decatur, GA

"I visited MM Hope House at a low point in my life. There was someone at the office to greet me. She was very nice, and very polite. I filled out forms and went right into picking out the clothes for what I had come in for. Everything was organized in piles/boxes/racks & was easy to find. I found a lot of things in the sizes that I needed and a lot of other things I did not expect. The staff was very interactive (asking if I were Ok, and they even tried to help me find clothes). I’m definitely coming back for a second time. I would rate your organization as providing excellent service."